10 Steps to Abundance

By Carolyn Blakeslee. Excerpted from Natural Awakenings

Make a list of what you desire.

List your desires, not wants or needs, which imply lack of, rather than abundance of, something. By saying/thinking/writing. “ I desire (this) or something even better now manifesting for the good of all concerned”, you create room for even greater possibilities.

Remember a situation of abundance.

If you catch yourself wallowing in a bad memory or engaging in “stinkin’ thinkin’”, call up a contrasting memory in which you felt rich, beautiful, accomplished, capable… whatever state of being you desire.

Align with your passions.

By taking even a small step toward a passion or goal that nurtures you, you will fell cleaner, clearer and more energetic, thus opening the way for progress. God has a plan for your life and a deep desire for its’ creation…You…is for you to flourish.

Look forward.

List your most cherished dreams and immediate intentions, Better yet pull pictures from a past happy time and cut out magazine pictures that represent the good things you desire in your future and then paste them in a journal or on a poster board to refer to during moments of reflection.

Streamline your life continually.

Let go of situations and clutter that don’t support your aspirations.

Spend time with positive people.

Don’t believe naysayers. You are working to overcome your own limiting beliefs, so why listen to anyone else’s self- limiting negativity?  Step away with kindness.

Select new sources carefully and set a time limit.

Read only thoughtful, responsible journalism, which doesn’t include most TV news. You will avoid wasting time on nasty stories that engender negative feelings and harmful physiological responses. You will feel better for it.

Have the proverbial “attitude of gratitude”.

Count your blessings. Think often of all the good in your life. Say ”Thank you” more than once a day. Contemplate the areas of your life that are working well; take those skills and apply them to what you would like to improve.

Express gratitude.

Thank others frequently, with thank-you cards, expressive emails, gestures of encouragement and smiles. People always appreciate kindness and good manners, especially when civility seems in short supply.


When you answer the phone, put a smile on your face and in your voice. Welcome people into your life, even if it’s just for that moment. Allow them to feel your warmth. When you catch yourself frowning with concentration during a task, pause to lift your brows, pull back your face and smile!

Carolyn Blakeslee publishes the North Central Florida edition of Natural Awakenings.


Charging a fee for Reiki healing or teaching?

I have just read a number of posts on some blog sites offering opinions as to whether or not to charge a fee for Reiki treatments and Reiki teaching.CCHA2006_0630(031)

So here is my opinion.
Personally, I like to work with the idea of healing being the process of achieving harmony in all aspects of our life; physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. And so I believe that the time taken by a person to learn/teach Usui Reiki Ryoho and experience abundance through the consistent incorporation of Reiki in their life should be balanced by the charging of a fee for their services.
Does one appreciate more an object or service for which they have expended no thought and energy or one for which they have had to apply focus and energy to acquire?

This I believe, “There must be an appropriate exchange of energy, one that honours each.”

To charge for Reiki or not to charge for Reiki, either treatment or teaching is a choice for and by each practitioner and teacher.
We enjoy the world (or not) through the choices we make, and to judge another for their choice is to limit ourselves and our ability to influence. We cannot change another, we can only change ourselves, and through our choices offer a model by which others may choose to emulate. Choose wisely, wisdom is not a brain function it is a heart/mind function.
Walk in Beauty.


Different Ways (give them a try)

Last weekend Mary and I were driving back from some errands and speaking about putting on courses and teaching and learning techniques when this little gem showed up.
(I suggest you print this out and add it to your Reiki Manual)

Speak the Usui Reiki Ryoho Precepts (Gokai) out LOUD!_MG_7063

Check for yourself the difference you feel between:

      1. Silently saying the precepts to yourself
      2. Saying them out loud.
      3. Saying them out loud, with emphasis!

Personal Preparation

I recommend you set up your treatment area BEFORE your client arrives so that you can speak your prayers and ‘opening to Reiki’ aloud.


      1. Gokai (3 repetitions minimum) with hands in Gassho.
      2. Opening: “I open myself to the healing power of Reiki” (3 repetitions)
      3. Purpose: “I am grateful that Reiki fills me and flows through me continuously this day to offer harmony and balance to me for my greatest and highest purpose and for the greatest and highest good of all.

Room/Area Preparation


      1. Opening: “I open myself to the healing power of Reiki” (3 repetitions)
      2. Purpose: It is my intention that Reiki fill me and flow through me to create this space (…as bounded by…) as a sacred space for healing/teaching/meeting/meditating/sleeping… for the purpose of…a Reiki healing session/a Reiki teaching session/meditation/sleeping… with______(client name)_____ for their (my – if for yourself) greatest and highest good, greatest and highest purpose and greatest and highest good of all.

Client Engagement and Commitment
To get the client engaged in their own healing and the Reiki session they are about to experience, the following technique is offered.

After the consultation and bathroom visit and before the client gets on the table, have the client stand and look at you and repeat out loud:
             You can say, “Repeat after me…”

I am grateful for receiving Reiki and I am open to receiving Reiki through (___your name_________) in support of my healing intention of (________________) for myself.”

The Healing Benefits of Reiki

Reiki Ryoho, Instinctual and intuitive

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

The Healing Benefits of Reiki

Posted on the FB Reiki Group page by Reiki Ryoho practitioner Andrea Hunt ~

“Thought I would share a nice summary I came across on the healing benefits of Reiki.”

Thank you, Andrea.