Charging a fee for Reiki healing or teaching?

I have just read a number of posts on some blog sites offering opinions as to whether or not to charge a fee for Reiki treatments and Reiki teaching.CCHA2006_0630(031)

So here is my opinion.
Personally, I like to work with the idea of healing being the process of achieving harmony in all aspects of our life; physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. And so I believe that the time taken by a person to learn/teach Usui Reiki Ryoho and experience abundance through the consistent incorporation of Reiki in their life should be balanced by the charging of a fee for their services.
Does one appreciate more an object or service for which they have expended no thought and energy or one for which they have had to apply focus and energy to acquire?

This I believe, “There must be an appropriate exchange of energy, one that honours each.”

To charge for Reiki or not to charge for Reiki, either treatment or teaching is a choice for and by each practitioner and teacher.
We enjoy the world (or not) through the choices we make, and to judge another for their choice is to limit ourselves and our ability to influence. We cannot change another, we can only change ourselves, and through our choices offer a model by which others may choose to emulate. Choose wisely, wisdom is not a brain function it is a heart/mind function.
Walk in Beauty.


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