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What I bring as a Teacher

I have been a Usui Reiki Ryoho practitioner since November 1997, received my Master/Teacher certification in  October 2001 and have been teaching Usui Reiki Ryoho since then. I am also a Registered Massage Therapist (since March 1996) and have studied other ‘energy healing’ techniques such as PhysioEmotional Release, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, Polarity Therapy, and life experiences (always the toughest, and best teacher).
What I bring to the seminars is the experience, knowledge and intuition of a full-time in practice massage therapist of 20 years, 18 years practicing Usui Reiki Ryoho, and teaching for 15 years.

The ‘style’ of Reiki that I learned, practiced and taught is known as “Usui/Tibetan Reiki”, as practiced and taught by William Lee Rand, Diane McCumber, Arthur Robertson, et al.  As I practiced, studied and taught, I noticed many discrepancies in the stories of  how (what is called) Reiki came into being, how and what Usui Sensei taught and what had been added by Dr. Hayashi, Mrs. Takata, and others. To this end, I began researching the history and development of what is known as Reiki and found that the huge amount of information available on the internet and in books was often contradictory or did not fit together.
I have since modified both the curriculums and my style of teaching to be more in line with the style (I believe) in which Usui Sensei taught. Continued research by Frank Petter, Hiroshi Doi, Frans and Bronwen Stiene, Walter Lubeck, Dave King and others has brought forth greater understanding (contextually) of the life experiences, time and place of Mikao Usui’s development of what he eventually named “Usui Reiki Ryoho” (Usui Sacred (or Spiritual) Energy Healing Method). I’ve dropped some of the items in the seminars as I was taught when I learned they were not originally of Usui Sensei’s teaching, but add-ons from the North American models. I also dropped the seminar Level 3 or Advanced Reiki Training as most of that curriculum is also add-ons and not of the Usui Reiki Ryoho style. In the past few years, my reading of quantum physics materials has given me a greater understanding of ‘energy’; that everything is energy, frequency, vibration and has brought me to the realization that the statement “Reiki is a system or method…” is incorrect. I now realize that Reiki is simply a term used in an attempt to describe the energy matrix from which everything is generated. The formed and the formless; limitless, immeasurable, inexhaustible. Other terms or labels can be “God, Creator, Great Spirit, The Divine, Universe, etc”.  So everything is Reiki, even that which we may judge not to be.


What that leaves us with is to more appropriately label the healing method developed and named by Mikao Usui, “Usui Reiki Ryoho” (Usui Sacred (or Spiritual) Energy Healing Method). In light of this, I continue to research and study. I strive, in my practice and teaching, to emulate as much as possible a style similar to Usui Sensei while being open to other ways and methods which I can incorporate into my practice. As a mentor of mine remarked, “You’ll take what you know, blend it with what I teach you and create your own mosaic healing method.” I believe Usui Sensei did this as well.

Be Reiki, every day!

Usui Reiki Ryoho Support

For my students, I have a private FaceBook  Group page and a private Student’s Forum. This is part of my support to those who have offered me the honour of being their teacher. We also host a monthly Sharing Time for my students where we gather for group sharing of experiences, questions and practice.

 Four Tenets

The workshops and seminars I facilitate hold four central tenets, that they be Informative, Insightful, Experiential and Transformative.

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