Okuden (level 2) Training Course

$325.00 plus HST

These 5 weeks of 3 hours/evening classes start at 6:00 PM sharp and finish at 9:00 PM.

Seminar FeeMosaic Reiki Ryoho Okuden…………….. $325.00 + $48.75 HST = $373.75
Course Manual in binder* …………………………………………$40.00 + $6.00 HST = $46.00
*(payable at the first class)
A PDF of the Manual is made available at no charge. If you choose the PDF version, please ensure you have a hard copy version for the course.

~50% ($162.50 + HST) of the course fee is non-refundable unless we are unable to provide the course, at which time the entire course fee will be returned.
~If you are unable to attend the course you’ve registered for, the registration fee will be applied to a future presentation of the course.

Cheque or Visa or MasterCard are accepted methods of payment. Receipts will be issued.

If you are unable to attend, a minimum of 8 days notice is required. If you are or become ill, please call me or email me, we appreciate your staying home with any contagious illnesses.

NOTE: For those having asthma and/or are allergic to cat/dog dander, we share our home with 1 dog and 2 cats, so bring whatever you use to control your symptoms.

The practice of Mosaic Reiki Ryoho helps develop our ability to heal (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) providing us with the tools that give us the knowledge, wisdom, and resources enabling us to develop a practice of the compassionate heart within ourselves and to share it with others.

Pre-requisites ~ Certification of either Mosaic or Usui Reiki Ryoho Shoden and evidence of 20 documented sessions*** (of 30 minutes minimum duration per session) on a minimum of 4 different people.

25% (5) of these treatments can be on animals.
~ Each Share/Exchange participated in counts as 1 session.
~NOTE: re-taking of Okuden (level 2) courses to count to a maximum of 7 sessions (ie. a total count of 7 sessions is credited you at the end of your initial completed re-take of Mosaic Reiki Ryoho level 2.
Further re-takes while beneficial, will not result in your being credited with more sessions towards your requirement. It is the responsibility of the student practitioner to record all sessions in their Practitioner Practicum Log.

~ a demonstrated competency and knowledge of your certification level. (A quiz pertaining to general information of Mosaic Reiki Ryoho Shoden, and a demonstration of Mosaic Reiki Ryoho self-treatment will be administered at the start of the level 2 course. This is not open book.)

It is recommended that you abstain from ingesting alcohol or taking drugs (other than prescription) for 24 hours prior to and during the seminar.

Again, thank you, and blessings of Peace, Prosperity and Good Health to you and your family.


These 5 weeks of evening classes run from 6 to 9 PM.
You will learn and be attuned to three symbols that accelerate personal development, develop your intuition, enhance mental and emotional healing, and enable you to access and focus Reiki more powerfully.
Again, focus and time are placed on the practice of self-empowerment, self-healing, self-treatment, and treatment of others.


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